Dream Screen

Innovative Screening Technology for Outdoor Living Area

When building a home for a client who wanted motorized patio screens for their outdoor living area I called the Franchisee of the big name motorized screen company. They told me that due to the wide open design of the patio I was needing to screen in that their screens wouldn't work.  They said that a large gust of wind would destroy their product if I installed them on the house I was building.  That was the beginning of the search for a different screen design that would be beautiful, functional, and resistant to damage from wind, pets, and most of the other things that have been the bane of motorized patio screens.  What we eventually found was "Dreamscreens" motorized screens—beautiful, durable, very resistant to damage,  and to top all that off, they are also less expensive than the big name brand.

Cost Effective Solutions

Due to the very inventive way they work, the screen fabric panels are much less expensive to fabricate.  The manufacturer passes the savings along to the customer and if the screen should be damaged, they are less than half as much to repair as the big name brand screens.

Form and Function Creating Outdoor Living Spaces

Dreamscreens can be surface mounted to existing walls, or they can be built in the masonry or the columns on new construction so that they are almost invisible.  They come in a variety of metal finishes, screen colors and screen densities ( to block glare).  They can be made up to 25' wide and 16' tall— perfect for lake houses and other patios with large openings.

Satisfied Customers

Dreamscreens is a great product and my customers love them.  If you have thought about screening in your patio and would like the option of going from an open patio to a screened in patio in only seconds then you should look into Dreamscreens motorized screens.

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