"We expected to get exactly what we wanted in a home, and we did. Our favorite aspect is that everyone naturally gravitates to the extended kitchen. The two butler’s pantries make serving so easy. The portico outside the sun room and family room, overlooking the pool and hearth, is like an extension of the inside, comfortable in all weather. Scott had the people and the expertise to make it all come together for us."

Exactly What We Wanted, Longview, TX

"We never built before. People say it strains a marriage, but Scott’s people made it a pleasant experience. Becky took me to the decorator’s market in Dallas. The supervisor found a talented artist to paint a tapestry on the vault leading to the parlor. Everything is wonderfully unique."

Pleasant Experience, Kilgore, TX

"This company is known for excellent woodwork, molding, hardwood floors, and such— quality in every detail. Our door frames are different from the neighbors’, as you would expect in a custom home. All the craftsmen listened to us and figured a way to give us what we wanted—for instance, rag-technique painting, and the family monogram laid in parquet at hallway inter-sections. You can’t plan every detail in advance, but have to rely on the integrity of the builder for getting things right."

Quality in Every Detail, Hallsville, TX