Great Woods

Imagine driving through a really great neighborhood in a historic area where the trees which were planted a long time ago have formed a canopy over the road. The graceful branches of great oaks form an arch of greenery that shades the road and casts a spell as only a forest can do. Stately homes are nestled in among the grand old trees which provide a sense of serenity and solitude. Neighbors are close by, but the natural areas between homes make it seem as if each house is almost alone in the forest. Yet this is a neighborhood; with friends, with a road where children can play and a woodland where they can run and explore, and the outside world is held at bay by the privacy of the forest and the gates at each end of the drive. If you are quiet, you can hear the wildlife. You will see the deer in the early light of morning and the dusk at the end of days. Birds of all kinds including hawks and owls live in this forest. Foxes, deer, squirrels, and a host of native animals have been spotted here. You might think such a place only exists in faraway places or in fairy tales. However, you would be wrong. This place is very close to town, less than a mile from the loop, very convenient to all the places you need to go. This is a great place to live. This is a great place to be. This is the Great Woods.

  • Pristine Forest Setting
  • 5-6 Acre Heavily Wooded Lots
  • Great Proximity to Longview
  • Gated Entries with Concrete Streets
  • 3.7 Miles, or 7 Minutes, from Good Shepherd Medical Center
  • 2.6 Miles, or 6 Minutes, from Longview Regional Medical Center
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