Site-Planning and Construction

Site planning in landscape architecture and architecture refers to the organizational stage of the landscape design process. It involves the organization of land use zoning, access, circulation, privacy, security, shelter, land drainage, and other factors. This is done by arranging the compositional elements of landform, planting, water, buildings and paving and building in site plans.

Site planning generally begins by assessing a potential site for development through site analysis. Information about slope, soils, hydrology, vegetation, parcel ownership, orientation, etc. are assessed and mapped to determine optimal location and design a structure that lets you live best within this space.

One of the initial steps in good residential design is the site planning.  Ideally, a custom home should never be designed without paying close attention to the characteristics of the place where the home will be built. Some of the considerations that we pay close attention to are where are the best views,  where are the trees that we want to save, the orientation of the house to the sun, how does the land slope, how does it drain, and is a lot of water from adjoining property. The previously listed factors and more are going to affect our decisions.  We want to know if the soil conditions might be problematic or are there problems with adjoining properties that we need to minimize by our planning and design.  Important legal considerations are the zoning, deed restrictions, easements, Home Owner Association requirements, etc.  Often times the property will need to have utility lines extended and if so, it is necessary to meet with the utility engineers and develop an access plan and grant easements for utility construction & maintenance.  On large rural tracts we may need to design and build a long roadway.  If so, we want it to be aesthetically pleasing, easy to navigate, and cost effective.   If the land is inside the city there may be a need to engage an engineering firm for re-zoning or re-platting before our project can be permitted.  We take care of all these aspects of site planning for our clients.   Ultimately our goal is to design a house that is everything our client wants and at the same time, takes advantage of all of the positive aspects of the site to make the home the best that it can be for our customer while minimizing the effects of any negative issues that the site may present.