Interior Design

Interior design describes all the related aspects of design involved in creating a functional interior environment that is aesthetically pleasing and enhances your quality of life.  Interior design includes conceptual development, spatial planning, materials selections, and execution of the design. It really starts when the floor plans are being designed, which is why we like to have the interior designer and the architect or plan designer work together from very early on in the design process.   The designers must be able to conceptualize the final look of the rooms to create a space that will live well and promote a feeling of comfort to the people who live there.  Design development starts with space programming to determine the number, size, and functions of the rooms that the client needs. This information along with the information about the building site and an understanding of the client’s stylistic preferences allow the designers to create a plan the looks great and lives great.   With the designers working together from the beginning all of the client’s desires and expectations can be fulfilled.  

After the plans have been completed there are still a lot of decisions to be made (selecting finishes, fixtures, etc.) needed to complete the home in stunning fashion.  For many clients this could be an overwhelming task if they lacked the right assistance with the process.  We don’t want our customers to be overwhelmed or overburdened with decisions.  We want our customers to have fun and enjoy the occasion to create their one of a kind custom home.  For that reason we provide a recognized, experienced interior designer for our clients to work with on virtually every custom home we build.  This makes the process of building much less stressful for you since you won’t have to worry about making every decision, or worry about whether all you decisions are good decisions.  Our goal is for you to be happy, and your house to be beautiful.